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ZA6 Resources


Current Mount setup - 1/2" thru bolt into 1 1/2" thick maple workbench top. I added 2 leaves that fold out to extend to the robots outer work envelope. These will fold down when not in use to save space in the classroom. All surfaces were then laminated with a whiteboard material for students to layout operations with a whiteboard marker and/or have the robot drawn with a marker on the surface. 

tormach table.jfif
tormach table 2.jfif
ZA6 Faceplate_edited.jpg

3D Printed End of Arm Tooling

Below are links to files for 3D printing end of arm tooling

ZA6 with single expo holder.PNG
ZA6 expo Holder.PNG

Single Expo Marker Holder

.stl file

.step file

ZA6 Dual Expo Marker Holder.PNG
ZA6 with dual expo holder close up.PNG

Dual Expo Marker Holder

.stl file

.step file

80 20.PNG

80/20 Extrusion Connector

.stl file

3D Marker Holder

Workcell Example

Python Talk

Python Pick and Place & Text to Talk

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